Disaster Management Programme

Disaster Management Programme:

Bangladesh is susceptible to a variety of disasters including cyclones, earthquakes, droughts, storm-surge and flooding. In addition, the country encounters other manmade hazards such as fires and infrastructure collapses. Bangladesh is also vulnerable to climate change due to its location in South Asia. The government has made progress in preparing for much of these disasters through plans and policies by gradually shifting their disaster management approach to a comprehensive risk reduction methodology based on common disaster experiences, lessons learned, and the desire to reduce future impacts. The country has a well-established community preparedness capability due to the implementation of comprehensive education and training programs by government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Disaster management committees have been established and trained at all administrative levels. Thus, the GBF had response flood affected area in Sariakandi under Boga district. GBF disaster management team communicate with district disaster relief Officer for giving assistance to chars’ area and assist with coordinating relief supplies.

GBF also coordinate with Local Elected bodies, Local administration and Member of Parliament etc.