Our Past activity

List of Research Assignment

SL # Name of Survey and Organization Sample Size (HH Duration
1. Framework contract with M4C-Swisscontact for 3 years on going 5000HH June 16- December -19
2. Longitudinal study for SHOUHARDO Project 680HH July 2017-19
3. Home Assessment Survey of CARE-Bangladesh-June 2017 30HH 8, July 2017
4. Franchisee Training of CARE-Bangladesh Krishi Utsho Project  


14 participants July-2017
5. Framework contract with M4C- Swisscontact 2100HH March16-Nov-16
6. Impact Study on Maize, chillli, Ground, Mustard of  M4C- Swisscontact 815HH June-August-16
7. SAAO Training for USAID Agriculture Extension Support Activities Project 650 participants June- Sept-16
8. Employment Study -M4C- Swisscontact 500HH May-June-16
9. Producers Group Quarterly Monitoring -M4C-Swisscontact 419HH April -May-16
10. Impact Evaluation on Home Garden in Bangladesh- AVRDC 677HH April- June-16
11. Impact Study and Early Sign Impact Study 407HH January- March-16
12. Annual Socio Economic Outcomes Monitoring of CLP-2 3350HH October – December-15
13. KAP Survey on Personal Hygiene and Nutrition  through FGD 12FGD November -15
14. Impact Evaluation of integrated pest management for eggplant and cucurbits in Bangladesh of AVRDC 600HH September to November -15
15. Meat Market Development Survey  of CDMI Project of iDE Bangladesh 850HH June 15 to October 15
16. Post Harvest Survey on seed potato, sweet potato and vegetable producers  CIP/AVRDC USAID Horticulture Project 1259HH September 15 to Oct  30,2015
17. IPM Follow Up Survey CIP/AVRDC 594HH March to April- 15
18. ATP Bi-monthly monitoring of CLP 2.5 and 2.6 850HH July to March – 16
19. Meat Market Control Group Survey of CLP 2 162HH March to June 15
20. Meat Market Development Survey 850HH March to June 15
21. AVRDC Seed Grand Project Baseline and Follow-up Survey 225HH March to October15
22. Meat Producer Survey of CLP 2 850HH Oct to Nov- 14
23. Annual Survey Livelihoods and WASH of CLP2 3585HH Oct to Dec- 14
24. ATP Bi-monthly monitoring of CLP 2.4 and 2.5 820HH July to June -14
25. Meat and Fodder Market Survey 0f CDMI Project of iDE Bangladesh. 3864HH March 2014-Agust 2014
26. Early Sign Impact Study Mustard, Onion, Groundnut and Jute of M4C Project 322HH June 2014- July 2014
27. Impact study on Maize and Jute Sector of M4C Project 411HH 24 June to 28 July -14
28. Seed Potato and Sweet Potato Post Harvest Survey for International Potato Center CIP-AVRDC 700HH May to July -13
29. Homestead Garden Baseline Survey for World Vegetable Center (AVRDC) 750HH April -2013
30. Maize Producers Baseline Survey of M4C Project supported by Swisscontact 250HH Dec -12 to March -13.
 31 Baseline Survey on Market Development of CLP2 2600HH Dec-12 to Janu-13
 32 Empowerment Survey of CLP2 1480HH Oct-12 to Nov-12
 33 Baseline and Annual Socio Economic Outcome Monitoring 3000HH Sept-12 to Dec-12
 34 ATP Bi-monthly monitoring of CLP2 6120HH July-12 to June -13
   35 Cattle Birth & Mortality, Milk Production and Cattle maintenance study 450HH January-12 to Febru-12
    36 Follow-up monitoring for CLP1 & CLP2 2130HH Oct  to Dec-11
    37 Nutrition status study on CLP1, CLP.2.2, Second Tier, 2.3 baseline and Control group. 3000HH Oct  to Nov-11
    38 Baseline survey of CLP2.3 CPHH 410HH Oct  to Nov- 11
    39 Post Programme Monitoring pre-primary education project directorate of primary education. 1200HH Dec-2010
    40 Well-being and livelihoods assessment of CLP2 7800HH May-11 to June-11
41 Nutrition status study of CLP 2.2 and Second tier 250HH Janu 2010
42 Sustainability study of CLP 1 CPHH 3000HH Dec-10  to March,11
43 Asset Transfer Bi-monthly monitoring of CLP 2 6500HH July-11 to June 12
44 Survey on Relative Profitability of Crossbred versus Local Cattle under ATP Programme 450HH Feb  to March -10
 45 Survey on estimated household and targeting criteria verification for CLP 4500HH Feb-2010
46 Survey on Homestead Gardening practice, production, sales and consumption 3000HH Nov -2009
47 Survey on Economic Impact of Land Lease of CLP Beneficiaries 150HH July  to August -09
48 Monthly Income and Expenditure Monitoring of Core Beneficiaries 1050HH July2009 to June 2010
 49 Nutrition Status Survey Data Management 750HH April  to May 2009
50 Survey on Community Safety Net Initiative Impact Assessment 650HH April to June 2009
51 Survey on VSLA programme Impact Monitoring 650HH Jan to Feb 2009
52 Baseline survey for Selecting pre primary schooling children of Directorate of Primary Education. 1200HH November  to December 2008
53 Survey on Homestead Gardening practice, production, sales and consumption of CLP 3000HH Oct to Dec 2008
54 Income Expenditure Monitoring Data Auditing for ATP3 and Bio-Monthly Income Expenditure Survey for ATP2 4920HH July 2008 to June 2009
55 ATP 4 households baseline survey on social development activities as a part of NSS 410HH July 2008
56 CDO’s Performance Monitoring Data Management 410HH July, 2009 to June 2010
57 CDO’s Performance Monitoring Data Management 650HH June 2008 to May 2009
58 ATP phase 4 baseline survey on Homestead Garden as a part of NSS 650HH June to July 2008
59 Conducting Re-verification of Poultry Programme Activities 500HH June to July  2008
60 Conducting Independent Leakage/Corruptions Survey 55HH June to June  2008
61 Data Management of Nutrition Status study of CLP 2540HH July to August 2008
62 Conducting Short Survey on Enterprise Development Programme Efficiency 3000HH June to August, 2008
62 Survey on cost benefit analysis of Livestock Husbandry and Poultry Rearing of CLP1 650HH June to June ,2008
63 Income and Expenditure Monitoring Data Quality Control (10% re-interview) for the ATP Participant Database 5500HH April to July ,2008
64 Baseline survey for selecting Old home participant. 2400HH April to June, 2008
65 Survey on household’s ownership, sales, consumption and management of Livestock and Homestead gardening. 3000HH May to June ,2008
66 Piggy Back Survey Data Management, Impact for Enterprise Development Programme, Livelihoods Programme and Social Development Activities 3000HH May to June ,2008
67 Survey on Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Homestead Garden and Livestock 1500HH April to June ,2008
68 VSLA Programme Impact Assessment 650HH January to Feb ,2008
 69 Economic Analysis of Chars Land leases 250HH November to Dec,2007
70 Developing Data Entry Software and Entering Asset Transfer Programme (ATP phase –1 Data) 35000HH June to July ,2007
71 Entering and Editing of IMO Collected data (DC-005) 5000HH June to July ,2007
72 Economic Analysis and Impact of ATP Rickshaw and Sewing Machine Transfers 56HH June to July ,2007
73 Conducting a sample survey as a part of IMED intensive monitoring of CLP 450HH July to August,2007
74 Registration survey plinth raised beneficiaries of CLP1 8000HH April to June,2007
75 Data Collection for Asset Transfer Programme pilot phase Evaluation of CLP1 2000HH May to June ,2006
76 Baseline Data Collection, Data Management and Entering into MS Access Database on Households which have been provided with infrastructure with the CLP Union Parishad Fund 8000HH May to June ,2006